Identity Verification

Securely outsource your customer verification and Identity management to Identity Vault to ensure compliance with KYC/AML and terrorism financing regulations

Customer Access Managment

Integrate Identity Vaults system to your website or system for Biometric level security.  No need for your customers to remember passwords

Biometric 2 factor Authentication

 2 Factor, biometric access verification for customers or employees across multiple sites or systems .

Secure Online Transactions

Identity Vaults shopping cart integration delivers biometric verification of online purchases 

Identity Verification

A portable digital wallet with with biometric security access 

Customer Access Managment

Document verification service to authenticate customers, potential customers or staff

Authentcated electronic ducoment sign

Electronic document signing with biometric validation

Secure Access

Identity Vaults access integration delivers biometric verification for access to physical locations

Proof of Identity

KYC compliant Identity verification

Document Authentication

Biometric Verification

Global Sanction and PEP screening


Identity Vault

Identity Vault is a Sydney based company that has partnered with a US Software development organization to deliver a market leading identity solution

Identity Vault is developing products and services to secure individuals identity and provide businesses with services to reduce fraud, improve service and reduce compliance costs

Identity Vault is under development and will be regularly updated as we get closer to our planned launch  by the end of 2022.